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Opinion on Gilgamesh

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The epic of gilgamesh is about gilgamesh who was one of the greatest king in history. He was two third god and one third human; moreover, he was the strongest man in the land of Uruk. He had built the city of Uruk.   His people used to be angry at him because he only think about himself; therefore, they made a complaint to the god. After holding a meeting,the god have decided that Aruru who made Gilgamesh have to make another man just as strongest him so that the people of URUK can have peace. Aruru made Enkidu who had been hairy as an animal, strong as an ox and lived as animals. A hunter noticed him and told his father that this strange man like an animal had been protecting the animals. His father suggest that he goes   and tell Gilgamesh about this strong and strange man; furthermore, to send a beautiful woman along. Enkidu started paying to much attention to the woman and forgot about the animals. After being seduced by the lady,the animals had rejected him and he ended up going to the city of Uruk with her. Gilgamesh defeated Enkidou , and Enkidou had recognized that Gilgamesh was the only one who deserve to be the king of Uruk. They became good friends with time. One day the king had decided that they should go and kill the guardian of the cedar forest. With the blessing of shamash , they ended up killing Humbaba. Ishtar the godess of love and war had proposed Gilgamesh to marry her and he turn down the proposal. Ishtar was so angry and ask her father to bring down on earth the bull of heaven which killed hundreds and hundreds of men. Gilgamesh and Enkidu killed the bull.


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