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Montag's Journal

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Two hundred years have passed since the bombing of the first town Montag lived in. Montag's great-grandson, Phillip, has no idea the trials that his great-grandfather had to overcome. This story begins in Los Angeles where Phillip is going through his father's belongings. Philip's father has just lost the battle to cancer shortly after his mother lost her battle with the same illness. As Phillip is sorting through his father's belongings he finds a journal that is very tattered and worn. The object is very unfamiliar to Phillip since no one writes in a book with paper anymore, due to the fact that dictating to a cell phone is so much quicker and easier than writing a thought down on paper. So, out of curiosity, Phillip opens the book and starts to read:
"For the first time in ages it is actually legal and safe to write something on paper. My dear wife Mildred, my children, Cassady, Alicia, Chace, and Andrew, and I, Montag, have just returned from our trip to the store to purchase a journal for myself. In this journal I have decided to record my story in the hopes that the journal will be read by future generations and aid the prevention of the repetition of history.
I will begin my story with the mindset of my fellow citizens and I forty years ago. The majority of the people then, including myself, were very technologically absorbed. There was no such thing as a real lasting relationship in those days, people listened to their seashell radios and watched TV, all under the facade of happiness. All houses were fireproof so firefighters were given the job of setting fire to houses that contained books, rather than putting out fires that had somehow begun. At that time book reading was prohibited due to the fact that people didn't want anything but to feel carefree and "happy" and were too lazy to take the time to appreciate a good book or even the world surrounding them. The government ran elections by choosing a really nice looking candidate and a person who was...


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