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Number the Stars

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    Number the Stars by Lois Lowry takes place in Copenhagen, Denmark September 1943.

Important Characters:   Annemarie Johansen, Ellen Rosen, Mr. and Mrs. Johansen, Mr.

and Mrs. Rosen, Peter Nielsen, Uncle Henrik.

    Annemarie’s best friend Ellen is Jewish.   Late at night, Peter Neilson comes over to tell them

the Germans are closing all the Jewish stores.   The Rosen’s leave town and Ellen stays with

the Johansen’s.   Soldiers come and Annemarie tells Ellen to take off her Star of David. The

Soldiers ask why Ellen’s hair is dark?   Mr. Johansen shows them a picture of Lise with dark

hair and they leave.   The girls go with Mrs. Johansen to Uncle Henrik’s.   Peter comes in with

the Rosen’s and he gives Mr. Rosen a package.   Mrs. Johansen takes the Rosen’s to the boat.   It

is late, Annemarie looks out the window and sees   her Mom hurt and runs to help when she

notices the important package.   They pack a basket of food and put the package on the bottom

and Annemarie runs.   Soldiers stop her, find the package and see it is a handkerchief and let her

go. They safely make it to Sweden.   The War ended and Peter died.   Annemarie remembers the

Star of   David necklace and asks her   Dad to fix it so she can wear it until Ellen comes home.

This book was good.   I would recommend it because I am Jewish and it was interesting to

learn about the war as a child and how my Ancestors may have had a friend like Annemarie who

helped them escape.


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