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1. Emily’s mother is speaking to herself in the story.
2. Emily felt abandoned when she was 2 and her mom sent her to nursery school.   She was sort of abandoned because she wasn’t sure why her mother dropped her off and when she was going to come and get her.
Another time she felt abandoned was when she was a young mother herself.   She said it was hard being a mother of her own child, but mostly it was had because no one helped her.
She also felt abandoned when she was a preteen.   She felt this way then because it was her growing years and she was always snuggled up to a book and eating
3. Food was mentioned when she was a baby.   She was being breast fed so all she wanted was to eat.   Another time food was mentioned was a school when she was young.   She wanted to pack her lunch.   She was glad she could pack, but she never had a lot of food.   The third time food was mention was again when she was younger and how she looked so thin.   People said it looked like she never ate because she was so thin.   These things about food could show you that her mother supported a lot of kids and that their wasn’t always a lot of food for everyone and some nights meals are not as large as they should be for a family of such size.
4. I think Emily’s mother loves her.   It’s her mother and it was her firsdt child I just think she feels like her mom didn’t make enough time for her.   And that she was overwhelmed when she was younger to take care of a baby.
5. I do not believe Emily’s mother was helpless, but I do think she could have done a better job raising Emily.   I think she could have done better because no child should end up playing a mother while you are gone.   It is not fair to the child’s childhood.
6. I think her being a comedian will change her and her mother relationship because I think that they could joke around about how her mother raised her and just laugh about it all and take it all as a joke and that it was just funny.


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