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An Exploration of Extreme Surfaces

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An exploration of extreme surfaces
Chapter 1: This chapter is an introduction to the extreme surface including the 2D-soft surface &3D-hard surface around our everyday life and in the art world.
  When I first happened to see the ‘extremes’, ‘extreme surfaces’ comes to my mind unconsciously. I feel that various surfaces surrounding us, either natural or man-made, are very fascinating. Therefore, I decide to choose “extreme surfaces” as the theme of my A2 Art & Design personal study after thinking it over for three times.
  Maybe you don’t notice them. However, in fact, surfaces dominate the physical world. Every object is confined in space by its surface. Surfaces are pervasive and play a predominant role in human perception of the environment. Overall speaking, the surfaces can be divided into two categories: one is soft surfaces and the other is hard surfaces. Soft surface art can have you covered summer with distinctive dresses, tees and skirts, as well colourful totes that are perfect for the beach or shopping. You can accessorise your look with scarves that double as belts and headbands. Or update your home for the new year with beautiful lampshades and cushions. So you can find that there are many man-made soft surfaces in our everyday life. We use them, at the same time we also have them every day, for example, spaghetti, meat. In natural world, the example is also innumerable, hair, feather, water and so on. When you are sunbathing on the beach, the sand under your feet is also soft surfaces. Therefore, our life may be affected largely without soft surfaces. Correspondingly, whether the useless diamonds, shells, ices, rocks, teeth that exist in the natural world or the man-made mechanical devices like cars, bicycles, tiles and stones are the hard surfaces’ examples.
  In the art world, Boyle family’s work called the surface of the earth is very well known to us. James Rosenquist’s works often combine various objects’ surfaces in one painting. Now, in...


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