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The Imperfect Superman

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Emma McMullin
Ms. Greer    
April 9, 2010
English 11
The Imperfect Superman
    In the play, The Crucible, by Arthur Miller a group of young girls in 1692, Salem Massachusetts, are caught dancing in the woods. To save their own lives from punishment, they accuse outsiders of putting them under a spell. The accusations escalate to begin vengeful chaos for the town. John Proctor in the story is portrayed as the tragic hero. Through out the play he learns to forgive himself for the crime of lechery in order to save more people to come. Miller creates Proctors stereotype of the tragic hero though two methods of characterization, his own words and thoughts and others words and thoughts.
        John Proctor is considered a tragic hero in the play. His own words and actions help prove that. In the beginning, proctor is seen as a sinner. John “may have thought softly of [her] from time to time but [he] will cut off his hand before [he] reaches for [her] again” (p.177). Proctor committed lechery with young Abigail, knowing what he’s done is wrong he will never go back. After seeing Abigail and the other girls accuse innocent people he feels he has to free them. He feels he has to save the people because they are his “friends, their wives are also accused” (p.212). Proctor sees his friends and families being torn apart by these girls accusations, once his own is threatened he refuses to just stand there and watch. In the end, John is able to forgive himself and knows he lives only under god.   The court tries to make John write his confession down for them but he denies and says “goddamn the village I confess to god!” (p.240). He sees that the puritans are trying to prove that they’re killings aren’t of innocent people and he refuses to let them have their way.   John Proctor has sinned but in the end he knows in his heart to never give up and to do what is best for the...


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