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Witches and Hulabaloo

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Witches and Hulabaloo
In pre-school, every recess my friend Tom and I would play witches.. February 28th began as a typical day on recess.   Now, tom and I were not genial witches in fact, we were rather malevolent. As our class was dismissed for recess we all walked down to the playground. Once we arrived, tom and I scurried around until we found two wands that were suited for the villainous witchcraft we were to perform. We ran around with both of our heads so close to the woodshops that we practically got splinters on the tips of our noses. After passing the same green swing set at least three times, we each found our wands. Then we had to create a brew foul enough to repulse any breathing animal to live on the earth. I reached my hand into my hello kitty lunch box and grabbed the small plastic tub aware that once held my Mac' n' cheese. Then put my hand back in my lunch sack and managed to gather some cookie crumbs, half of a string cheese, and an untouched apple. Griffin was able to pull out a half full bottle of chocolate milk, a Satsuma slice, and a few gram crackers out of his own lunch. We both gathered around the tub aware as Griffin began to chant in high pitched crackled voice " Bring to a full rolling bubble. Add two drops oil of boil." I then dropped a few drops of chocolate milk in to what we imagined as a cauldron. Griffin continued chanting the spell and he kept getting louder and louder "Mix blood of owl with the herb that's red Turn three times, pluck a hair from my head. Add a dash of pox and a dead man's toe, " I kept stirring the brew faster and faster until drops of the cheesy-chocolate concoction was overflowing onto the play structure and we were out ingredients that were left over form lunch. Then we took a big whiff of the potion we had created and pretended to drink it as we poured it out into the ground. We both cackled for chaos in the playground was about to begin.
We grabbed our imaginary brooms and we were off, creating chaos all...


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