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Ethics in Minority Report

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The “Minority Report” is a movie that reflects how the inherent virtues of human being would ultimately lead him to overcome being imbedded in a corrupt system created by men. It also reflects that human being have free will to do what he thinks right or wrong. In this movie, John Anderton, which is the main character, showed us that even though he is destined to commit a crime, he proved that he has the will to prevent such things from happening.
At first, Pre-Crime Officer John Anderton firmly believed that the system is perfect until he discovered about the murder of Anne Lively through Precog Agatha which took place before he joined the Pre-Crime Division. His desire to uncover this crime led him to discover the flaws in the system that made him doubt on the integrity of the system as a whole. The turn of events started from this point wherein the main character was set-up to prevent him from uncovering the murder of Anne Lively which is the mother of Precog Agatha.
The personality of the main character as a whole is not perfect and same is true with the system created by most men. The mere fact that he is doping is already an infraction of the law. At one point he succeeded in controlling himself not to take the narcotics after his eyes transplant.
The scene from the movie that best illustrate the struggle for virtue is in the part where the main character is facing Leo Crow, his supposed victim in the pre-vision of Precog Agatha. In this scene, the main character is torn between his personal desire to find a person who abducted his son and kill him and his duty as Pre-Crime Officer of the state. Eventually, he succeeded in controlling his anger to enforce the law and to do what is right.   Even Precog Agatha acknowledged that human being has the free will to choose to do or not to do the things he sees right or wrong.
In the movie, the main character proved that his virtue of justice had prevailed over his personal desire to take the revenge. He have...


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