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Stop Damaging Our Mother ——the Earth

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Stop Damaging Our Mother ——the Earth
There are two hot arguments in current society. Some people believe that the Earth is being damaged by human activity. Others feel that human activity makes the Earth a better place to live. In my poinion, I stand with the the former group.
The Earth is always respectfully called “Mother” by us . All live creatures rely on the Earth. Human beings are the most exciting children of the Earth;however, at the same time we really make serious injuries to our own mother.
With the rapid economic development, the progress of our civilization is also growing double-quick. People not only just cater to live, they want to live better. With more demands for their better life, firstly human beings start the agriculture secondly the industy. As a bad result , the face of the Earth has been changed dramatically. I have seen a series of photos on the Internet. They were taken by an environmentalist. These photos contrast the condition of some places thirty years ago and thirty years later. I was stunned when I looked at them, by the apparent contrasts, the huge contrasts. The original mountains with green trees, the clear rivers even with fish, all were overtaken by buildings or factories. Some lands were reclaimed too seriously to use any more, then they became wastelands and abandoned by people.
Human activity surely can make people to live more comfortably and more conveniently nowdays. But I consider that all these are temporary. We already see the bad effects. Maybe these are warings Mother gave us—— “Stop Damaging your Mother”.
Global warming is one of the most visible effects of mankind’s operations. The greenhouse effect is the increasing of the global temperature because of carbon dioxide emission into the atmosphere. This problem had been proposed by environmentalists many many years ago, it did not sufficientkly arouse people’s attention. They did not take care of it and still did activities in the same way. Only seldom tried...


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