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Rashomon Film Analysis

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Characters Character Relationships
Façade: She is depicted as the typical Japanese woman of her stature, married and devoted to one man. she is a covered up in a veil and escorted by her samuari husband through the forest on a horse almost as someone precious, noble and pure. She is frail and powerless in overcoming a man. Internal: She is manipulative in getting what she wants. She uses her tears and beauty to control men around her in getting what she wants even during the trial. She is a brilliant actor in preenting to be frail and helpless to have others velieve her words and have things go her way. Façade: He is depicted as a typical samurai who are the nobility class in Japanese feudal society. The traits he posses are stereotypical of his role being respectable, unforgiving, selfless, brave, noble and heroic. He follows Bushido, the way of the samurai, that dictates how he acts, how they fight, and when they commit ritual suicide (seppuku). The story he tells greatly reflects the image that he is expected to keep. Internal: He is cowardly and selfish man who puts his own life in front of others. He refuses to protect his wife. He attempts to keep up his image of being a samuari Façade: Tajomaru is a notorious bandit who is depicted as a typical villian who causes trouble and misfortune. He is brave, proud, cunning and michievous, being able to take anything he wants and do anything he wants. Internal: He is cowardly and submits completely to the beauty of a woman. Being entirely irrational, he is almost childlike. He is impulsive and quick to change his mind. Façade: A poor and timid old man who is somewhat traumatized and burdened with what he has witnessed in the forest. He does not want to get involved in the trial and only wants to report the finding of the Samurai’s body and be on his way Internal: A poor man, father of six children who takes any opportunity presented to him to help make life easier (gain more money). He is not a bad natured person but...


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