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Kindergarten Is Good or Not

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Nowadays, nurseries and kindergartens take care of children from an early age, some women can return to their work and children can get used to the society early. Is this a good thing? What’s your opinion?

Many youngsters may have an impressive memory about their childhood in kindergartens or nurseries. Nowadays, this trend is forced by the increasingly fierce competitive society, parents, women in particular, have to send their children to kindergarten in order to focus on work. Whether this practice is right, people have not reached an agreement.

Some people suggest that this is unreasonable, because it does more harm than good to kids. They reckon that children need parental tutoring, which exert on profound influence on children’s mind and cannot be replaced by kindergarten. Besides, kids are easy to have a disease when they are young. Worse still, some diseases might kill young people; therefore, parents should take care of their children attentively themselves. However, those people might forget the fact that the health care equipment in nurseries is advanced in recent years, and every child will experience a catch-all physical examination in a period of time.

What’s more , children in kindergarten can acquire more knowledge than those at home, since there are different teachers and everyone in them will teach different subject which he or she is good at. And also, children will meet many new friends in the same generation with themselves, playing games and studying together, which is benefit to cultivate their personalities.

Last but not least, kindergarten indeed releases lots of pressure of parents. Many young parents, they just begin to build up their career and they should maintain their livelihoods, thereby do not have time to take care of their babies. In addition to getting release, some parents they even know little about teaching kids. Many of them use the wrong way to educate children, such as terrible spoiling. Nurseries might be a...


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