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The Periodic Table

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The Periodic Table

|Characteristic                               |Pattern down a group                                 |Pattern across a period                           |
|Atomic number and mass number                 |Increases                                             |Increases                                         |
|Atomic radius                                 |Increases                                             |Decreases                                         |
|Melting points                               |Deceases for groups I to V and increases from groups |Gently increases then decreases                   |
|                                             |V to VIII                                             |                                                   |
|Reactivity                                   |Metals become more reactive and non-metals become     |Is high, then decreases and then increases. Group |
|                                             |less reactive                                         |VIII elements are inert and do not react.         |
|Metallic character                           |Increases                                             |Decreases                                         |

The period table contains eight groups of elements; some have been given special, unique names.

    • Group I elements are known as the alkali metals. The alkali metals all react strongly with water to form basic solutions.

    • Group II elements are referred to as the alkaline Earth Metals.

    • Group VII elements are known as the halogens. The halogens are brightly coloured elements. Chlorine is green, bromine is red-brown and iodine is silvery-purple.

    • Group VIII elements are known as the noble gases. The noble gases are inert and do not readily react with other substances.

    • The block of elements in the middle of the table is known as the transition metal blocks.

The line that zigzags through the...


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