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Oliver by Charles Dickens
The murder of Nancy

I will be explaining what happened during the murder of Nancy.   This is from the book ‘Oliver’ written by Charles Dickens.   It was published in the later 1830’s during the reign of Queen Victoria.   It was a satirical social critique of the poor working conditions of the work house and the treatment of the poor.   I will be analysing the death of Nancy.   This is one of the worst murders in Victorian times because of the severity of the violence.

The title of this chapter is ‘Fatal Consequences’. This title tells the reader that something bad is going to happen, i.e. that there will not be a good outcome to the chapter.   Dickens starts the chapter in this way so he can build up a mood of suspense.   This is a dramatic narrative technique.   The title can also be used to scare the reader and make him think forward to what could happen.   Also by using the words “maybe truly called the dead of night” the reader will instantly think of death. The setting also helps to build up a feeling of aloneness of Nancy.   ‘The “empty streets” there is no one around to help her.   All of this is a pathetic fallacy; this is where the weather and setting makes the mood of the scene.   This would affect the readers by making them worry for Nancy knowing that there is no escape for her.

Dickens describes Fagin more as an animal rather than human.   “The Jew sat watching lair” he always refers to him as a Jew because of the anti-semantic view that all Jews are very greedy and money lenders.   Fagin is a Jew and he is very greedy.   Fagin is also said to be watching his lair, a word which is associated with an animal i.e. their den or burrow.   He also says “he hit his long black nails” and refers to his few teeth as ‘fangs as should have been a dog’s or rat’s.   If you describe someone in this way then the reader will take a dislike to him and also describe his face as “distorted and pale, and eyes so red and bloodshot, the reader can build...


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