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Living World

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1.Increase in mass and increase in number of individual are the   twin characteristics of growth .All living organisms grow .
2 Multicellular   organism grow by cell
3 In plants growth by cell division occur throughout their life span .In animals growth is seen only up to a limited time.
4 Unicellular organisms grow by cell division.
5 Reproduction is a basic feature of living organisms
6 Fungi multiply and reproduce through asexual spores.
7 In planaria   reproduction is through true regeneration .Unicellular organisms like bacteria , algae and amoeba reproduce through cell division as well.
8 Some organisms such as mules , sterile , worker bee , infertile human couple does not undergo reproduction.
9 All living organisms are made up of chemicals. These   chemicals ,big or small, belong to various class , size ,function etc. They are constantly made and converted   into other bio -molecules. These conversions are called metabolic reaction. The sum total of all metabolic reactions are called metabolisms. It is exhibited by all living organisms including plants ,animals ,fungi etc.
10 Cellular organization is a defining feature of living organisms.
11 All living organisms have the ability to sense their environment and respond to these environmental stimuli which can be physical ,chemical or biological.
12 Plants respond to external stimuli such as light, water, temperature, pollutants etc.
13 All living organisms are aware of their surroundings. Human beings are the only organism who is aware of   himself ie has self consciousness. Consciusness   is a defining   feature of all living organisms.


14The number of species that are known and described range between 1.7 to 1.8 million. Biodiversity   is the number and type of organisms present on   the earth.
14 There is a need to standardize the naming of living organisms such that a particular organisms is known by a single name....


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