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My rhetorical analysis is about the writing "The collapse of big media: The young and the restless". This is writing is about the collapse of the newspaper and how are generation is losing interest in the news. I will talk about what the author's purpose, who his audience was, who the author of the text, and what is the background of his text. Now I will first talk about what his purpose was, and who his audience was
            The authors purpose of his writing was to trying to get people understand the collapse of the newspaper/media because our generation of teens is not interested in the news anymore. Also he lets people know the statistics of how drastically the newspaper has gone away in the years like he said in 1972 nearly half of 18-22 year olds were reading newspapers everyday in today's society less than a quarter read the newspaper. His audience in "The Collapse of Big Media" is mainly everyone but he's trying to let the teens know that this is happening and start reading the newspaper so when they get older it will still be around for them to have.
            Next I will talk about the author's text, and the background of the text. The author came about this subject I think he was researching and came upon this and found it interesting so he decided to write about it. He is an outsider to this subject but I think he is really smart and really did his research on this topic because he wrote a really good paper with all the facts and statistic. The other things written on this topic is that even the TV news is declining because the teens and other people are caught up in there video games or iPods. I believe also during this time the economy is declining and people aren't buying newspapers as much as they used to because they don't want waste gas to go get it or maybe just too lazy or don't want to buy try to save a penny.
            In conclusion you can see that his paper was well researched and had plenty of facts and statistics to back up his...


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