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Six Sigma - Essay 2

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Introduction to Six Sigma

Learning Objectives
• To provide a general overview of Six Sigma • Introduce the concepts of data positioning and variation • Explain individual roles and the importance of team work

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Why a Process Approach?
• Everything we do requires a process • A business is just a series of processes to take some inputs and change them to an output that a customer is willing to pay for – This is called adding value • Some of these processes are straightforward, some are chaotic • By improving processes we improve our • We must focus on improving those processes that are most important to the customer – We find out which processes are important in the customers eyes by gathering the Voice Of the Customer (VOC)

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Six Sigma, Lean and OE are About Delivering Results
Growing our Sales Growing our Customer Base Enhancing the Customer Experience Improving our Processes
• Process improvements focused on our customers’ needs will ultimately encourage them to buy from us. Some high level examples are:
• Reducing process waste • Reducing process variation • Reducing process cycle times

• Help to Deliver the three business imperatives:
• Growth • Close to the Customer • Operational Excellence

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Deployment of OE – Lean and Six Sigma Combined
Lean • Waste elimination • Simplification and Standardization • Flow • Customer pull Six Sigma • Variation reduction • Scrap / Rework elimination • Process optimization • Process control Projects improving process stability, accuracy and precision

Projects improving process speed

Together they are a powerful union
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What is Six Sigma?
• Not an initiative but a core value • A long term program of training, development, projects to improve the customer end to end experience • Can be applied in all divisions and functions • Everyone has a part to play…including YOU

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What Six Sigma is Not
• Another Quality Initiative/Program – Can sit alongside...


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