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Heroes 2

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  Some people tend to walk around in life waiting for “it” to happen. Others just need to find their talent or niche and go from there.   A few people we can learn from are some of the characters from my favorite show “Heroes”.   Claire, Peter, and Hiro are perfect examples of   finding out what their talent is, who they are, and how to use their talent for good. We are all destined for greater things, be it somebody's hero or friend.
Claire Bennett is the cheerleader.   She found that she has the ability to heal from all types of injuries.   Before that she was your typical high school student with hopes and dreams like the rest of her school. She had lots of friends and everyone loved her.   After she found her gift, she picked up an old friendship because none of her other friends would understand.   They kept video diaries of every attempt to hurt herself.   One day a terrible fire broke out in a local factory and she went in to see what would happen.   She ended up saving a worker trapped in the blaze.   This was a pivotal point for Claire in her recognizing she could use her power for good.  
Now that being said she still had a lot going on with her personal life.   One being she is still a teenager and that is a lot to grasp at such a young age and two, she was called to a higher purpose of sorts.   New responsibilities on top of being in high school is a lot of pressure for one person to handle.   So, she runs away but soon realizes that is not the answer.   Meanwhile, back at home, all hell is breaking loose.   A few more “special” people find Claire's father and want questions answered because he kidnapped them at one point and they think he gave them their abilities.   This is also something Claire found out and added to her pressure.   Things get out of hand there and one of the assailants starts to go nuclear.  
Claire takes it upon herself to neutralize him with out any regards to her well being and handles the situation.   This was the part where she...


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