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New Testament

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Emily Sandifer
REL 102-Introduction to the New Testament
Dr. Ralph Noonkester
May 7, 2010
My Experience in New Testament
When I joined this class, I figured I would gain some knowledge about Biblical history and nothing more. I was quite wrong. I found myself beginning to understand more clearly the person of Jesus Christ.
As a Christian, I looked forward to taking this class to learn about “The Bible Days” as some call it. I’ve always loved learning about history whether American or Biblical. However, this class taught me more than just dates and events that happened quite some time ago. It taught me how to look at Jesus as a real human being. A human being in a real, sinful world and how he, being fully God yet fully man, overcame the temptations that we all deal with on a day to day basis.
Not once did Jesus give in to his fleshly desires. This fact is absolutely amazing to me. I sin every day. Sometimes I sin and do not even realize that I am sinning. However, Jesus never once broke God’s law. This says much about Jesus as a person. He was devoted to God and to the plans he knew God had for him. Some would say this was easy for Jesus to do since he was the Son of God. However, they forget to take in to consideration that he was also fully human, just like the rest of us. Jesus portrayed faith in God like no other before or after him.
When I started to think of Jesus, the human being, instead of Jesus, the Son of God, it began to challenge me. If Jesus, being a real person with his own individual wants and desires can stand firm on what he knows to be right and true, then maybe I can do the same. This of course can only be accomplished with the help and guidance of the Holy Spirit which comes to live inside each believer in Christ.
Jesus’ humanity and loyalty to God was demonstrated in a great way during his experience in the garden of Gethsemane. Though he was disturbed by the weight of his destiny, he prayed through it and said to his Father,...


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