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in Egypt there are around 110 pyramids. most of them were built for burial places for the kings an queens. some of them may have been represented as a stairway for the kings to go to heaven.
making the pyramids was very had for them to do, they had to put ramps around it,   an block of stone were pulled up them. most of the farmers were the one to build them. they mostly built them when the Nile river was under water because it was a way to transport the large stones to were they were building the pyramid
step pyramid of king Djoser was the earliest one built of the old kingdoms 3rd dynasty   over 4600 years ago . king sneferu had the first true pyramid built for him during the 4th dynasty   of the old kingdom. they call it the red pyramid, because of its red color. They also called it the north pyramid because of were it is located. the side are 220 meters, and 105 meters high. the great pyramid a Giza was the largest one ever built, it was built around 2550 bc. they think it contains 2,300,000 blocks of stone. And each one ways about 2.5 tons. Also some of them wayed up to 15 tons‘.
in 1954 a large cedar boat was found in a pit and people reassembled it. People think there is also a second boat hidden in another pryamid, they think they were put there for the king to travel in ther underworld.
Durnign the old kingdom pryamids were not built as large , an less well built.


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