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The Natural Beauty Myth”

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Meldrick A. Rodriguez
English Composition 121-Summary
Pg 63-65
Due Tuesday 15, 2009
      “The Natural Beauty Myth”
Garance Franke-Ruta wrote the article “The Natural Beauty Myth”. Moveably her writing was not based on true natural beauty, but on the topic of how media magazine, companies and advertisers affect the female majority population on a psychological manner. Garance states that women who have been leafing through magazine pages are overwhelmed by the fact that the individual they see or known as actors are very slim. Most of these actors, celebrities are heroes to these young children. There fore girls sick self improvement in there overweight life style they consider possesses them and start to live in   a   unnatural environment that causes them to look like malnourished holocaust survivors. We all know the effect that media has on actors, but the media never considers the repercussion of what they to do celebrities, and actors who are looked as heroes in the perspective of there pears. In addition to that point Garance   states that not everything the media does is unholy, in the article models from all over the world have to weigh in to perform at the walk through stage for fashion show ;Therefore, given in the possibility that more accident of malnourishment are prevented .The article Garance Frake-Ruta has many points in how the media affects the young female youth but also she discusses in how the media has tried to reduce these on forgivable events that affect our society still today.


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