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Do You Feel the Toronto Police Department Has Made the Correct Decision to Ticket Jaywalkers?

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Do you feel the Toronto Police Department has made the correct decision to ticket jaywalkers?

The pedestrian safety blitz launched by the Toronto Police Department after a rash of the pedestrian deaths is a catching up of the job they should have done on a regular basis.   The campaign appears to be a rush unmindful band-aid solution decision, which is very unpopular publicly.   Nonetheless such action is necessary to improve pedestrian safety.

Many reporters like Hume expressed their dissatisfaction of police action to media.   The Toronto police department should not just ticket, they should also promote safety in schools and advertising on media.   Effectiveness of the ticketing strategy does not work by itself.   However, it brings public and media awareness.

The Toronto police need to do a better public relations job, in order to attain public and media support.   Toronto Police Department should hold press conferences to explain the safety and purpose before they start ticketing, and publishing advertising pedestrian safety on TTC, radio, buses stops board and television, which would have a better public relations, and pedestrian would cooperate.
Toronto’s pedestrians are spoiled. According to the pedestrians accidents report done by CBC.   Fifty percent of accidents are pedestrian’s fault and fifty percent are driver’s fault.   Consequently ticketing can at least remind pedestrians the danger of jaywalking.   Pedestrians may have the right of way, but they have to walk with care and alertness. Heads down, iPods in their ears, talking on the phone, running for the bus or the streetcar those are the main reason of pedestrian accident.   They should be alert as jaywalkers and provide more care. Do not expect that oncoming traffic will be able to stop in time.   Therefore ticketing should continue and be even more rigorous.

In conclusion, The Toronto Police Department should continue ticketing and educating pedestrians to walk with care and use jaywalker’s...


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