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Technology Advantage?

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This new information system had redefined our business model and the environment we trade in and also allow us to achieve our goals in new ways. Through using this new technology we could have streamlines our business operations and created a competitive advantage by enhancing the current operations. By using this enterprise solutions our process could have been restricted and we effectively reduce man hours in certain departments.This enterprise system allowed us to track orders and improve the communication with the customers. This also enhances our value chain and our customers were more satisfied.The impression that the new technology gives to our customers is that your organization is efficiency and progressive. Some of our competitors who still don't see the need of technology are having the risk that the customers see their company seen as "slow" and outdated. That’s why our business classically chooses to deal with the disadvantages of technology than to risk of having a negative impression of the company.
Some of the disadvantages that we are experience are link to the ethical principles of the staff. For instance, when employees prefer to surf the Internet during the companies time for personal reasons, or they deliberately disregard procedures because they have a disagreement with management. Providing ethics training seems to decrease a number of the disadvantages technology holds. However due to the load of work that increases by the reduced staff and increase new technology in the business, the strain among the people becomes worst. This have a bad affected our social lives because we go home to our families have transfer the anger and frustration unto our children and partners.

It can be argued that the new technology makes life easier and faster for most of the staff. However it made the employees lazy and much depended on technology, when customers visit our company in the olden days for products our staff used to know almost every price in...


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