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Woodrow Wilson

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Woodrow Wilson

Woodrow Wilson, a defiant man that led the nation through the hard years of World War I. Wilson effect on the Great War was an abundant. After a tragic attack on three American merchant ships by the German U-boats. President Wilson demanded congress to declare war on Germany .Wilson stated that the United States was fighting only for moral reasons, namely to protect democracy from tyranny and promote peace throughout the world. Wilson would also establish The 14th Point Speech to persuade Americans to participate in the war. He wanted the speech to indicate an secured guilt-free mind state for the United States to enter World War I. Then by the end of the war Wilson would play a key role in authorizing the Treaty of Versailles with Germany. This treaty end tension   between Germany and the Allied Nations.
During the summer of 1914 all of the European country was plunged into war.
The German submarines had made an heartless attack on an British Liner Lusitania ship. In result of almost “1,200 lives including 124 Americans were loss“. (History-World). The People of American wanted justice of the 124 lives that were lost. Wilson argued and say “There is such a thing as a man being too proud to fight”. (History-World). After another inhuman act by the German U-boats, which led to the sinking of 3 American Ships. President Wilson had enough. He order congress to declared war on German. So on “April 6, 1917 Congress declared war on Germany“. (History-World) .
On January 8, 1918, Wilson gave what was to become his most famous speech. (Millercenter).   Known as the Fourteen Points Speech because it outlined the fourteen elements Wilson felt were essential to a lasting peace. It delivered moral goals for American to participate in World War I. Of the fourteen key areas Wilson described, eight was issues that had to be resolved after the war was over . While the remaining six were necessary for peace. The most significant of the points included ;...


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