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Psychosocial Rehabilitaion

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Bringing Purpose to a Client’s Life
  HCSW 1180-001
  Submitted by Samantha Wong (300119666)
  April 23, 2010
Bringing Purpose to a Client’s Life

      It is normal for mentally ill patients as well as their families to find it overwhelming and scary when considering the prospect of recovery from such a life-changing illness.   Certain Clients may or may not know what to expect in an environment that is filled with many unknowns.   It is important for us to understand that recovery from mental illness is a journey and not a destination.   We, as Mental Health Workers, are there to support our Clients to establish new goals & hopes during their recovery phase.   We understand that our Clients are intelligent and gifted individuals albeit hindered by their illnesses and consequently causing them to lose all hopes & dreams in their lives.   Obviously, our main objective is to help our Clients to get back on their feet.   We will achieve this by individualizing our program for each client, helping them in setting short term & attainable goals and teaching them to learn again.   We will show our Clients that goals can still be attained thus improving their self-confidence & self esteem.   Most importantly, we will help them in finding new hopes in life.   This is what Psychosocial Rehabilitation (PSR) is all about and it plays a big role in our Clients’ recovery. In order to provide a better insight into PSR, I will discuss in this essay one of the Principle of Practice of this rehabilitation process and show how it relates to our Ethical Standards as well as to the Goals & Values of PSR.
      Psychosocial Rehabilitation or sometime refer to as Psychiatric Rehabilitation (PSR), is all about being able to give suggestions while providing appropriate guidance to our client’s needs. Together we will set and attain short-term goals thus giving empowerment to our Clients by improving our Clients’ self-confidence & self-esteem.   The main goals of PSR are to provide...


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