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Jimmy Choo

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Jimmy Choo
A Shoe to Die For
In The world of fashion, there are two things for this fabulous world, the one is Beauty, and another is the fashionista, Who look for the new taste and the splendor.   And Sure! Most of them are girls and women. Those all of them have to make themselves trendy or does it like the stars whom they idolize. To be supposed that when you got a new pair of shoes so you looked at the front on a top of the box, it is written “Christian Dior”     or   “Manolo Blahnik”. It is gorgeous to step into them and imagines as if you were a princess in the fairy tales. But now if you love a kind of dazzling shoes or Shoes Mania, you will love them too. Have you ever heard anyone be ready to die to put their feet into Jimmy Choo? Is it a ridiculous story?   Most of American feminist love Jimmy Choo. Luxurious Brand from a Malaysian designer. His shoes are only made by hands elaborately and made from the skins of African Snakes, deep-water Alligators, and Sheep. That sometimes, some shoe was made only one in the world for exclusively prominent person. All of the reasons make them high value. Although they are about 1000 dollars the lowest cost, most of girls love to spend for them to sparkle like them. Unfortunately if their feet-sizes don’t fit for Jimmy choo, they have to make surgery.     That is fairy tales of fashion world or true? Every girl has a dream of life to step into A-It Shoes! And Is it real that when you put your soul wearing Jimmy Choo? You don’t have to be beautiful because you have been obviously glamorous morn than anyone in your world already in a shoes to die for.


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