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Liverpool vs Ac Milan 2005

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An army amassed just like centuries before, in a city made famous by sieges of yore.

Where Constantinople and Byzantium once stood, A new army now did descend like a flood.

An army of thousands in livery of red, Liverbirds on their chests and a dream in their heads.

With smiles on their faces and songs in their hearts, of hope a new era was waiting to start.

Stood on the North Tribune I looked all around, a sea of red swamping three sides of the ground.

Flags, scarves and banners that covered the crowd, a show of red strength to make Chairman Mao proud.

I surveyed the scene in awe and in bliss, How could we fail on a stage such as this?

I reckoned without an AC Milan team, with the class to make nightmares out of our dreams.

And so it transpired in a half straight from hell, a Maldini sucker punch straight from the bell.

With two blows from Crespo five minutes apart, Milan drove a dagger through Liverpool's heart.

We staggered and reached the refuge of half time, our worst fears were realised, 3-0 behind.

Ashen-faced Reds with their heads in their hands, slumped in despair on the steps of the stand.

An anger rose in me, but not with the team, where was the 12th man? Was Chelsea a dream?

We had to show pride, try to lift them somehow, we'd come much too far to give up on them now.

Somebody somewhere had shared the same thought, my faith was restored in our famous support.

YNWA grew in strength, as did I, and I sang, as if it was for the last time.

Looking back now I can't honestly say, that as I sang, I thought we would find a way to come back,

but I wanted the whole world to see, We still had pride, we were still Liverpool FC.

That chorus will live on in legend and lore, Cruyff said he had heard nothing like it before.

Maradona said it made him convert to a Red, Luis said it spurred them to rise from the dead.

Then came the reverse of our first half...


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