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Blood Diamonds

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Blood Diamonds
Diamonds, more specifically blood diamonds, caused injustice to occur within the human race. Blood Diamonds are the diamonds that are mined without the volition of a person through force. Ground zero of this conflict is Africa mainly during the 1990's. During this time, countries such as Angola and Sierra Leone broke out into civil wars and used the diamonds as their war fund. All this left a scar of injustice upon the world, which has been partially healed by the Kimberly Process, which is a system of checks and balances to check for the integrity of the diamond and confirm no conflict occurred during the mining. Groups such as the National Union for the Total Independence of Angola and the Revolutionary United Front swarmed through civilian towns performing injustice acts of enslaving people for the mines, violence, tearing families apart, and in sum drastically changed around 4 million innocent lives for the worse.
Diamonds first appeared as a war fund in the country of Angola.   Angola had been at civil war since 1975. UNITA, the rebel group in the country was being funded by the United States, though after the cold war the US pulled out. UNITA needed a source of funds to continue it's war. One of Africa‚Äôs largest resources was seen as that funding. Diamonds found in Africa became known as blood diamonds after the cold war (Gilmore 560). UNITA took control of the mines and used the civilians as the miners. The civilians had no choice, UNITA members had guns and threaten the people with the loss of their lives if they did not do as told. The UN tried to intervene in Angola's affairs by having an election in 1992 to bring hope back to Angola, which caused even more problems. UNITA became enraged, and started performing amputations on the people's limbs, so they would not be able to vote and so that the civilians would know who not to disobey.
Amputations became a serious war tactic used by UNITA. Innocent people's limbs were taken off through...


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