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Voices! Crying! Whimpering in distress.
"Help me! Please help mel My life's a total mess!
I seems I haven't a single thing to really be thankful for.
It seems in every direction I turn, in my face slams a door.
I just don't care any more! "

Voices . . . Crying! I hear them every day!
"Help me! Heal me! Tell me I'm Okay.
Tell me that I'm likeable, or lovable, if you dare.
Tell me that I'm worthy of others' love and care.
Please show me that you care!"

Voices . . . Crying! Screaming in my ears!
"Love me! Respect me! Take away my fears!
Help me to not be so very afraid to just be me.
Help me to see myself the way that others see.
Please help me to be me! "

Voices . . . Crying! Echoing in my brain.
"Heal me! Teach me! Help me live again!
Help me to face up to life and accept reality.
Help me make my life worthwhile. Make It meaningful for me!
Help me to be free!"

One voice . . . Crying. This time the voice is mine.
"I will help you, heal you, teach you. I will take the time.
I want to do so very much to make your llfe worthwhile.
My heart aches when I hear you cry, leaps with joy when I see you smile.
But please remember, I'm only human; I have weaknesses too, you see.
I'll help you all I can, but please don't expect miracles from me."


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