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Alcohol Education

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Alcohol Education Reflection Paper 9/6/10
      In the beginning of the summer when my mom left me a book called Five Minds for the Future and left me a sticky note on top of it saying that in addition to reading the book she left, I also needed to complete an alcohol education I thought Bucknell was going to be quite a handful for me. I took the alcohol education course and was actually very surprised of my personal results to the surveys. During the summer time I would probably have about a drink a day, and then on Friday and Saturday I would drink on average about ten drinks each night. However, I thought this was normal; well it was normal for the school I went to. I grew up in a small public school that was basically a private school. Almost all of my friends had fake ids and we all had friends that were older who could buy us alcohol. On the weekends we would rarely hangout with out drinking, but we were seniors, we were celebrating and were always told that what we drink in college is the “minor leagues” compare to college. Now that I am in college I have realized I drink less here than I did at home so now my alcohol education course seems more realistic. It said that when I get older I would most likely develop a drinking problem. Which I sort of agree with, however I will not be drinking nearly as much when I get older. I only drink this much now because I am young and it is a social thing. When I get older and start settling down I’m not going to go out on my Friday and Saturday nights playing flip cup and beer pong. Blatantly heavy drinking is associated with age, and that’s why I feel that although I drank a lot in high school and during the summer before college I will gradually drink much less as I get older therefore it is very unlikely I will develop a drinking problem. The alcohol education test taught me facts that I needed to know, however when it comes to predicting my future history involving alcohol, they should just stick to the facts.


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