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Some people argue that advertising in the media only improves sales of products but not the quality. To what extent do you agree or disagree?

In contemporary society, almost every kind of media is saturated with various advertisements which have greatly boosted the development of commerce. But in the meantime, whether advertising merely boosts the sales rather than quality has become a highly debatable issue. Personally, I think their view is only partly true.

It is apparent that advertisements could improve the quality of the product which is advertised. For one thing, the revenue which comes from the incremental sales due to the advertisements could enable a company to invest more money to enhance its quality; therefore the quality of products could be improved greatly. For another, almost every advertisement firstly advocates the better quality of a certain product to attract more customers to buy the goods. More precisely, a great majority of enterprises want to establish their own brand in order to keep the customer numbers stable. Finally, the interaction between the company and their customers in terms of the quality of the products according to the advertisement. By that I mean, customers can give the feedback to the company about their view of the quality of the products they have bought.

Admittedly, advertisements mainly improve the sales of the products. This is due to the fact that the original purpose of the company to advertise its product is to improve the sales. Even so, it is still debatable whether advertisements could actually increase sales. A recent research conducted by Suzhou University shows that advertisements do not play a pivotal role in increased sales.

In summary, I would agree that the main goal of advertisement is to raise sales. Despite that, advertisements could indirectly enhance the quality of products.


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