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School Uniforms:Create School Pride and Create a Strong Sense of School Spirit

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School Uniforms

There is nothing worse than waking up for school at the crack of dawn, and realizing that

you have nothing to wear. You scramble around frantically, knowing that if you’re not wearing

your name brand jeans and sweater, it will be the worst day of your life. Everyone in the whole

school will make fun of you, and they probably won’t soon forget about it. There is a very simple

solution to this problem however; school uniforms. Uniforms create school pride, deter

bullying, and

Uniforms help to create a strong sense of school spirit. If everyone is wearing the same

thing, it helps bring everyone together in the name of their school. Most of the time, the school

will have uniform pieces including its own colours, like the kilts or sweaters. This shows that by

wearing the uniform, students have pride in their school.   It reminds everybody that they are a

part of a community, and makes them feel like they belong. Wearing school uniforms is like

being on a sports team. Everyone is wearing the same thing, and it makes them not only look like

a team, but feel like one. It makes it easier for students to feel at home and welcome in the


Uniforms also act as a social leveler. All students are seen as more equal while all

wearing matching uniforms. Nobody is cooler because of the clothes they wear. It’s much more

difficult to pick on somebody for what they’re wearing, when you and everyone else are

wearing the same thing. However, when students are allowed to wear what they want, there is

pressure on them to always wear the current fashion and name brands. The families who will be

able to constantly buy their children new clothes will be seen as the cooler kids, whereas the kids

of less fortunate families will be picked on and teased for not having the latest name brands.

Uniforms also have many benefits while students are outside the school building. If they

are easily...


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