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Interpretation of Romeo and Juliet

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Interpretation of Romeo & Juliet lines:
                      Act 3/ scene i
                        lines 90-115

Romeo- Be brave the wound cannot be that bad

Mercutio- Not very deep or wide
it is enough to kill me though
ass for me tomorrow and I will be dead. I am done for
curse both your house's
I cannot believe that dog that rat that mouse that cat could scratch me to death
that punk, that fighs like he learned it from a manual. Why the hell did you become between me and him.
He struck me from under your arm.

Romeo- I thought it was the right thing to do

Mercutio- Take me inside some house, Benvolio, or i'll pass out. May a plague strike both your families
they've turned me into food for worms. Im done for. curse your families

Romeo- This gentleman mercutio, a close relative of the prince and my dear friend, was killed while
defending me from tybalts slander- Tybalt, who had been my cousin for a whole hour! Oh, sweet Juliet, your beauty has made me week
like a woman, and you have softened my bravery, which before was as hard as steel.

Benvolio- Oh romeo, romeo, brave mercutio is dead! His brave spirit has floated up to heaven, but it was too early for him to leave life on earth.

Romeo- The future will be affected by today's terrible events. Today is the start of a terror that will end in the days ahead.

Benvolio- Here comes the enraged Tybalt.


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