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5th September 2010, Sunday, 2:30 p.m. Unitarian Memorial Service Day.

This day is Unitarian Memorial Service Day. A day, where we as Unitarians, remember the beloved ones who passed away before us. In their memory we bring flowers and light up candles in the church.

The candles were placed in a rectangular slab. Each candle was placed close to each other. We lit the candles during the service. Some candles were not lit   since there were more than enough. As time passes by, the candles caught my eyes and I notice that some candles were burning bright while others started fading out and some started to melt due to the heat of the other candles. It was such an amazing sight that I can’t help looking at it. The candles which has not been lit started to bend slowly as they melt in their mid section towards the lighted ones and in this way all candles started to lit up all by themselves creating a wonderful display of lights. This continued for some time until all started melting down and the lights fading out. The candles were at last just mere remains of wax.

The memories left of those candles made me realized that every one of us, is just like a candle. We have a fair chance of choosing what we want to be or what we want to do.

Those candles signify something important to me. It made me think about the meaning of life. The candles somehow relate to what our life is all about. The candles represent us - as people, the rectangular slab – the world we live in, the burning light as hopes and dreams. The lighted candles are the peoples with hopes and dreams of achieving something good in life. They continue to inspire others for as long as they live. They pass on their hopes and dreams onto others creating a wonderful life. The people with no hopes and dreams are the unlighted candles. They, one way or the other, take a bend in their life and reach out for help and this way they are inspired by the ones who lived a good life.

The hopes and...


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