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How Do Macbeth’s Characters Change Throughout the Play?

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How do Macbeth’s characters change throughout the play?

The play is all about how Macbeth becomes king of Scotland. Macbeth is a tragedy and a story of the struggle between good and evil. It is about a Thane of Scotland who murders the king in his quest for power. Macbeth commits these crimes partly because of his wife’s ambition and greed, in the end he is destroyed because he feels so guilty and is overtaken by fear and paranoia.

Before Macbeth became a king he was a brave soldier of Scotland Macbeth receive a message from the Duncan saying “For brave Macbeth shall he deserves that name” Shakespeare tell use how brave he is. “To give thee from our royal master thanks only to herald thee into his sight not pays thee” this come when Macbeth won the war against the Scottish. Everyone was pleased with Macbeth with his hard working.

During the story they were a war going on between Scotland and Norwegians Macbeth kill a lots of people in that war. He was brave heart and was happy of impressing the king. Macbeth had change between there scene because of the witches. The witches’ spoke to Macbeth saying “all hails Macbeth that shalt be the king here after” and Macbeth become ambitious. At scene one he met the witches and the witches told him that he shall become a thane of Cawdor then king hereafter “All hail Macbeth that shall be king hereafter”.

We found out that Macbeth is a brave man because King Duncan had send messenger to Macbeth saying that Macbeth deserved to be thane of Cawdor. So Macbeth got ambitious because one of the things the witches said came true. He started thinking that it was possible he was going to become king just like the witches say.

Macbeth’s best friend Banquo was there when the witches was talking to Macbeth and the witches told banquo saying that “lesser than Macbeth and greater”

Macbeth sends a letter to his wife and Lady Macbeth got ambitious “hail king that shall be!” lady Macbeth has great influence on Macbeth so her...


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