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Material culture is the places, resources and the tangible objects in society that people use to define their culture. Where you live, dialect, how you dress, the dishes you eat and the internet are all examples of material culture. There are many different variations of it, all depending on where you are in the world.
Non-material culture is less of a materialistic and more of a non-tangible way of specifying their culture. Such as beliefs, morals, opinions, religion, etc. Religion is a good example of non-material culture. Regardless of which religion it may be, the thoughts and ideas are what shape that specific culture.
Ethnocentrism is prejudice in a long-lettered nutshell. It is when one believes that his or her culture, race, or religion is better or of higher intelligence and/or class than others. Ethnocentrism is the belief that one’s race is superior to all the others. An example would be a skinhead’s belief of the white race being the “Aerian” or “pure” race.
Cultural Relativism is the idea that each culture shouldn’t be judged by other cultures. It should be analyzed only if you are putting yourself in the shoes of someone in that culture.
Cultural Leveling is when two cultures become similar through communication, industrialization and/or the media.
Culture Shock is the distress people go through when they are introduced to a new culture. Sometimes it is difficult for one to adapt to new scenery, new language, let alone a whole new culture.
Cultural Lag is when it takes a little longer for one part of culture to adjust opposed to the other part(s). It is the difference in the amount of time it takes for the other part to change.
Ideal vs. Real Culture: Ideal culture is the way everyone wants a certain culture to be. For example, my ideal culture would have all different kinds of people in it. Art and school would be very important, and other things like cell-phones and cars that are very important in American culture, wouldn’t be so vital. Real...


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