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An Attractive Man

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An Attractive Man

I’ve never saw such a handsome individual. The day I walked into my fourth period class, I looked around, stopped and stared at him. My eyes were big as golf balls. Breathing hard, I slowly resumed to my seat, stumbling. I put down my tower of books as they dripped with sweat from my hands. As I wiped off the residue, the teacher began class.
The teacher instructed that we get into groups of three for the day’s assignment. The flawless faced guy got up out of his seat and walked near me. I started to tremble. He walked hesitantly over to my space. I watch him on his short journey. His Mr. Clean balled head sun shined. His teeth were pearled white. The skin on him was crayon brown colored.   I began to drool like my mouth was a waterfall.
When he arrived at my table, I saw his marvelous body clearly. His legs were bowed like they were ready to shoot an arrow. His chest was at least a keg of Budweiser. The claws on him were as large as gorilla’s. He stood over me like a telephone pole. As I gazed into his eyes, he slowly sat down. Now I had him right where I wanted him.
He began to ask me if I knew exactly what the instruction was for the assignment. I opened my mouth but words didn’t come out. This was dreadful for me to freeze like ice right in front of him. Finally, words began. “Fine,’’ I said, as if he asked how he appeared to me. I banged myself on the forehead. He laughed like a two mouth old baby. I believe he noticed my nervousness.
Looking directly into his mouth, he began to give ideas about the topic. His voice sound like a song on a compact disc I used to use to relax at night. Every word he said let me count another tooth and cavity he had. He had no cavities, which was even better. My heart pumped rapidly as if I had run a marathon. By the end of his love song of instructions, I was bedazzled.   My love was finally on its right path. Taking this math class was an answer to my prayers.
Ten minutes later, the puny instructor...


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