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Keeping an Animal Dependent Is Wrong

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Dependency is a form of lack of freedom that some people impose on pets and circus animals in exchange for affection and for doing tricks.
These animals depend on man for their food. If an animal were free and able to find its own food, hardly a single animal would spontaneously show affection to people. Showing affection in exchange for food has been forced on animals. Animals (like people) have the right to be safeguarded from this. When people (children and adults) are looking for affection, it is better and more honest to find it in other people. Finding affection from animals is particularly wrong in the case of pets that have to be locked up. This of course doesn't include dogs and cats, which have had centuries to get used to people. It is mainly the animals that belong in the open that we should leave in peace.   Not a single animal should be forced to display unnatural behavior or denied the possibility of displaying their natural behavior for economic or immaterial gain.
A similar dilemma applies to human mental aid. There are social workers whose council doesn't really help clients, but makes them dependent of this help in a new way. These social workers help people out of the frying pan and into the fire.
Something alike applies when people capture an animal, and make it dependent by caring for it and deterring it from the possibility of caring for itself. People should carefully consider why they get involved with animals, is there a wish behind it to exact attention from the animal? Couldn't this need for attention be satisfied some other way?
People claiming they get more from animals than from people, probably demand more from animals than they can give to people and animals themselves. Such people are not balanced and are selling others short.   It is harder to let a person be free than it is to let an animal be free; all that is needed to let an animal be free is to leave it alone in its natural habitat. For a human being, rather...


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