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The Typical Village

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"The Typical Village"

    I am Wala Morra. I was borne in an amazing and quiet village. Its name is Saffa. If you feel fatigue and bowered, I suggest visiting my hometown to enjoy its charming natural scenes. In this essay I will describe its strategic location, its weather in summer, and its wheat fields.

      Saffa is located in the west of Ramallah. It has a tragic location for two reasons. First, it stands on the top of "Abu Fallan" mountain which gives the village a fascinating view; especially at a bleak night when all houses turn on their lamps. The red light of these lamps makes the village seems like a star in the middle of a black sky. In addition you can reveal the neighboring villages from the top of "Abu Fallan" mountain. The second reason of its strategic location is it’s between two villages: "Belean" and "Betor El Tehta" not far from the Mediterranean Sea.

      Because of the fact that Saffa is located on the top of "Abu Fallan" mounting, it has cool weather in summer. The weather in summer is always perfect; it is hot but not unbearably so. The sky of my hometown in the summer is hard blue with the sea breeze and the sunshine. This kind of weather makes you feel happy and relaxed. The summer in saffa is a pleasant season of the year. It is calm and sunny. It keeps the people comfortable all the season of summer. The sky in the night is so clear and so beautiful with the light moon and the shiny stars. This breezy weather is appropriate to go out to walk in the green fields and to enjoy the smell of daffodils.

    The most beautiful thing in my village is the scene of wheat fields. In order to reach the wheat fields, you have to go through the main street to the end of it and turn right, then travel along Al Hja Freda road for about quarter of a mile. The wheat fields are on your right side. From January until April, the wheat fields have green color. It seems like a green carpet. This green color gives the feeling of the nature and...


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