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Anywhere Door

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Discoveries and inventions, which have helped the world of humanity develop. Necessity is the mother of invention, as the proverb said. And now is the time we need a door, when opened, would lead us to anywhere we want to go, and it will be there on the other side. This kind of door, called “どこでもドア Dokodemo Door” appears in the famous animation, Doraemon.

The anywhere door is beneficial to humanity in many ways. First of all, as the name suggests, we would be able to go anywhere we want, without spending money and time on transportation. Less time consumed to reach a certain place would give people more time to spend with families and whatever they would like to do. Also, less transportation leads to be a solution for our major global issue, Global Warming. Because there would be less use of aeroplanes, cars and other vehicles, the amount of Carbon Dioxide emitted would be less.

By using the anywhere door, humans could go to places they have never been able to go, like the centre of the Earth, other planets in the solar system, or maybe very distant stars which could have a possibility of having life in them. This device can help us improve our knowledge about the place we are in, the Earth, the universe, Space and time.

However, there are bad things about this device. Firstly, it would be very difficult to invent this, with our current level in technology. In this device, living things are teleported into another place, in a matter of seconds. We haven’t even been able to teleport non-living things, so it is clear that this device would be invented after many years. Another problem with this device is that private areas would be accessible by anyone who has this device, which would cause arguments, theft and lots of other things. Also, people whose job lies in transportation, would loose their jobs because not many people would be using transportation once this device is created.

The invention of the anywhere door will be a huge discovery in...


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