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Critique of Art

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Critique of Work
April Glenn
Sally Bronzonis
  1. Does the design work well both two-dimensionally and three-dimensionally?
April: Definitely works well both in two-dimension and three-dimension as demonstrated in the presentation with the drawing and the photos. Her design has volume and depth.
Sally: Also works well both in two-dimension and three-dimension as demonstrated in her sketches and her photos. She definitely shows a 3-D format in her display with life like presentation of the cat playing with the toys. The design has depth and volume with form.
  2. Does the design change function easily? What about the project shows that the designer thought about changing function easily?
April: The bracelet display changes function easily; the client is able to change the sign on the leaf and also change and assortment of jewelry on the display. April shows that she gave thought into the function of the display and what the client would need and also knowing that changing the jewelry can give a feel of something new and that always gets attention.

                Sally: The design could easily change function, with different scenes for the toys such as maybe a puppy or different kittens. The function of the display is simple and Sally shows
That she gave much thought into the function of the packaging and did research also.

  3. What about the project shows that the designer has an understanding of human nature?
April: Shows that she is in touch with nature with the colors and with the design, definitely a dynamic image that communicates perfectly.
Sally: Shows a connection with human nature through the colors and her design, reaching to our inner child and speaking to us. Her design would speak to any age group and any gender.

Overall I feel that both Sally and April have done an outstanding job on their POP mockup displays. Very creative and both would definitely stand out from the competition.
Both are wonderful pieces of Artwork and will...


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