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Different Uses of Fertilizers

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Different Uses of Fertilizers
•   Fertilizers provide plants with nutrients needed for normal growth. They are usually applied on the soil directly or sprayed on the leaves, known as foliar feeding. Proper fertilizer use improves soil quality, promotes healthy growth and increases crop yields. Most plants need 18 nutrients for healthy growth. The most important are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, as these three are needed by the plant in far greater amounts than other nutrients.

Growth Booster

•   Fertilizers encourage the rapid growth of plants. The most important element that functions as a growth booster is nitrogen, which also functions as a greening agent. It is needed for chlorophyll formation and for the manufacture of plant protein. Stunted growth and light-green leaf color are common signs of nitrogen deficiency in plants. Nitrogen-rich fertilizers are thus particularly useful for gardeners in greening lawns.

Early Blooming

•   Fertilizers can hasten the blooming time of flowering plants. Phosphorus also aids in seed formation and in early root development, according to research from Colorado State University's extension office. Planters who want to speed up their plant's maturity should apply phosphorus-rich fertilizers, as this is the nutrient mainly responsible for plant maturity. Early blooming and maturity can mean faster returns for commercial gardeners.

Increases Resistance

•   Fertilizers containing potassium strengthens the stalks and straws of plants, enabling them to hold more water and become more resistant to drought conditions. These fertilizers also improve seed and fruit quality, producing greater produce and better stocks.

Soil Conditioner

•   Proper application of fertilizers can restore the natural chemical composition of the soil. Overdependence on a single type of fertilizer can alter the natural nutrient balance, resulting in poor soil conditions. In this case, the soil becomes saturated with one type of...


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