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Cannabis Should It Be Legalised

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Within this essay I am going to be discussing whether or not there are enough facts around legalising the drug cannabis in the UK.   I will be implementing the medical facts should cannabis be available for patients with medical conditions like ME or MS, and how this drug helps them.   I will also be discussing the health side of this drug and how it effects individuals that take it or addicted to it, and also if this addiction causes the crime rate in the UK to be so high with this drug.
Also I will be discussing why it is illegal in the uk to be in possession of this drug or grow it in our own homes, and why in other countries this is not the case such as Holland, where you can be seated in a cafe and smoke it at your own leisure, and in Alaska you can grow it for your own consumption. So therefore i will be discussing the differences within these countries.
They say that cannabis is no more harmful than tobacco or alcohol, so there for should it be legalised in this country.   In this country it is illegal to be caught with cannabis on your possession or grown in your own home for consumption or selling on.   If caught with this drug it is either a hefty fine or a jail sentence, they now class cannabis as a class c drug, but in 2006 it was a class b drug, where the fine was more or less a definite jail sentence.  
On the other hand they say that cannabis is useful for those who are suffering from MS, ME or cancer related illnesses and including aids and HIV.   When used in cancer related illnesses they say that it helps relieve the symptoms from the chemotherapy they use, i.e. it helps the nausea which gives them the relieve and helps them to eat and live normally.   They say that it is the complex substances within the drug that make it extremely difficult to do any medical research and that’s why the safety and the efficiency of its effects are far from proven.
“A report by the House of Lords Science and Technology Committee...


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