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Binge Drinking in Wales

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Does Wales have the highest Binge drinking in Europe?

In the duration of this essay, I shall to try to find out whether it is Wales or Northern Ireland that has the higher binge drinking rate in Europe. I chose this topic because I believe that it is a real and growing problem and would like to learn about it for personal reason. I shall try to talk about other factors such as how much it costs us, the damage it does to the body, how the culture of binge drinking is getting more popular, how exactly it is taking over the younger generation etc. While in school, there were special talks in which we were told the importance of healthy eating. When binge drinking was brought up and its dangers, it made me curious about why this fact occurs; eventually leading me to research about it. This topic has appeared on the television a number of time showing how concerning it is , whether people take notice of it is a question in which I intend to find out.

Secondary sources will mainly include the internet; however I shall use other research methods such as books, magazines and news articles. The primary source I shall use is the questionnaire in which I shall attempt to ask fellow pupils their views on the topic and their possible solution. With the information I gather, I shall put it in an essay form in order to answer my hypothesis.

In my Questionnaire, I asked several questions revolving around my topic – Binge drinking. Firstly, I began with asking them to state their sex followed with asking whether they knew what Binge drinking was exactly. It seemed that majority of the survey knew what was Binge drinking, apart from one person.

I found this quite surprising leading me to assume that people have been exposed to information more then I assumed. This question was followed with whether Binge drinking was an issue. Once again, it seemed that nearly majority of the survey agreed it was, with one person ticking the “Not really” box....


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