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Google Making Us Stpid?

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“Is Google making us stupid? What the internet doing to our brains” written by Nicholas Carr argues how people getting paralyzed through using Google for everyday life. He also argues that the uses of Google changing the way how people read and think.   In contrast to Carr, I think Google making us smarter.   Sure, people don’t read and think deep as they used to comparing to when they read a hard, physical copy of writing. It was mainly because people would just read it for fun, enjoyment and they had lot of time in their hand.   But, I think, people still do read, more or less than what they used to. They actually getting more information and knowing more about the world compare to the people who would just read one book for 2-3 days. They usually skim through paragraphs or get the sense of the article purpose through the topics name. Thinking about an article or a piece of writing you just read really depends on the person who is reading it. I think it’s more of a mindset and being passionate about something, puts you in deep thinking if you are reading the things you like. And, I don’t think that makes somebody stupid. There are so much information in the world; a person cannot possibly gain all the knowledge or nor can read all of that before he/she dies.   It’s more of a competition with each other. Nowadays people tend to know information that need to be known to live in a world with people who can make stuff like “Google” itself. I don’t think it’s always the case that people skimming through an article, intentionally. Its more of like that you need to know it and you tend get the key concept so that you have time to know something more or do something else in this high competitive world. Researches used to take months, but help of not only from Google along with other site makes it as simple as in a week or so. People use Google for almost everything, forecast to sports news, even time in different part of the world. Getting to know most of the things a person...


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