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Adolf Hitler Essay by Nicole Yr 9

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The recurrent question being asked is, ‘What was Adolf Hitler really like?’ Adolf Hitler the tyrant was born into a lower middle class family in Braunau-am-Inn, in Austria on April 20th 1889. Of course being born in Austria made him a native Austrian not a native German, even though he moved from Vienna to Munich in May 1913.   He had a childhood which was dominated by his overbearing and frequently violent father. On the day of his father's death he was able to act more freely, like himself. Hitler was an incredibly talented person. He was a confident speaker, and forceful man. He managed to influence 14.7 million people to vote for him to become the leader of their country. Hitler was able to take over half of Europe with a country that was heavily in debt and had poor drive, and within time turned them into a successful well-off country. Many favour Hitler and many dislike him strongly, it is all based on personal opinion.
Within this essay I will find out why Hitler was a; Political genius, a mass murderer, a dictator and a psychopath.

Hitler was known as the dictator of Germany. It was alleged he was an extremely powerful and commanding man. It was confirmed as he led a country of thousands and generally got what he wanted. From the year 1921-1945 he was the leader of the Nazi party (German workers). He took power of Germany in 1933. This meant Hitler was in charge of them and had a right to command them to do tasks his way.
It is proven Hitler is a dictator from source seven (Adolf Hitler-Mein Kampf 1924.) The source reads, “Today Germany is ours tomorrow the whole world”.   This quotation seems to be effective as if Hitler has an apparent vision of how the world will be, and it comes across as if he will take anything on to get his way. This is where the source links to a political genius. Hitler was an intellectual man and he was very persuasive and knew how get his way around public. By showing citizens how confident Hitler was, it is leading others to...


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