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Beowulf and 13th Warrior Comparison

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What is hydroponics? Hydroponics means water works, but is the growing of plants without soil. The earliest beginnings of hydroponics can be traced to Ancient China, Egypt, and India. It started when King Nebuchadnezzar II had built the hanging gardens of Babylon in 600 B.C. The garden was filled with plants grown in a stream of water. Nicolas de Saussure, a French chemist, had conducted crop nutrition. He saw that water, soil, and, air contained chemical elements obtained from plants. He concluded that in order to have a good growth, mineral substances from water, soil, and air are needed by the plants. Now days there are different types of hydroponics. Even thought plants are grown without soil they still need a growing medium. What are the nutrients used?   Lastly, why do hydroponically grown vegetables better taste than ones grown soil? Hydroponics has many advantages over soil, like getting their nutrients directly and not have to search for it like in soil, that’s why hydroponics is better.
First, there are many types of hydroponic systems out there. The first is liquid hydroponic systems. According to Science Tech, in liquid hydroponic systems, no rigid there are no growing mediums to support the plants roots. These systems are closed systems. the plant roots is exposed to the nutrients without growing medium, and the solution is reused. According to Science Tech, nutrient film technique or NFT. Dr. Cooper developed NFT in the late 1960’s. NFT systems provide a thin layer of nutrients that flows through a polyethylene film supported on a wooden channel of PVC piping which contains the plant roots. This system excludes light and prevents evaporation. Ebb and flow is another type of system. According to Indoor Gardening, these systems are the easiest to build and maintain and is cheaper to set up. This system requires a growing tray that will hold the containers that the plants would be in. The growing tray is above a reservoir that is filled with water...


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