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Sex Versus Gender

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Running head:   SEX VERSUS GENDER                                                                                     1    

Sex Versus Gender
Regina R. Michalik
Lehigh Carbon Community College

SEX VERSUS GENDER                                                                                                                 2
This paper consists of the various ways the word “sex” and the word “gender” are used in both
the written language and in everyday speech.   This paper cites Douglas A. Gentile’s article on
sex and gender.   Both Douglas A. Gentile and Robert S. Feldman state a similar definition for the
word “sex” and for the word “gender”.   There are several definitions listed in this paper for the
both the word “sex” and the word “gender”.   This author also lists her chosen definitions for both

SEX VERSUS GENDER                                                                                                                 3
Sex Versus Gender
    The main idea of the article, JUST WHAT ARE SEX AND GENDER, ANYWAY?, A Call
for a New Terminological Standard, appears to be to convey the various ways the words “sex”
and “gender” are used and the many histories of each of the two words.
    The author, Douglas A. Gentile, is often confused with other’s usage of the terms “sex” and
“gender”.   Wishing to prove the lack of clarity in the usage of both words and the difficulties that
are often presented due to this lack of clarity, the author lists many of the definitions for each of
the words.   He also wishes to set a vocabulary standard for each of the words, in hope of solving
the clarity problem.   The author goes on to state several meanings for both terms, one dating
back as far as 1382.   This particular definition reminded me of something from a Harry Potter
novel or movie.
    The term “gender” is often used to mean the same thing as word “sex”, but they are not


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