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Younger Generation in Merchant of Venice

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How the younger characters come across

It is clear throughout the play that the younger generation of characters is less bigoted. They are almost blind to the older generation’s religious intolerance.
The younger people are more liberal and light hearted. The fact that Jessica is a Jew does not affect Lorenzo’s love for her. Jessica doesn’t care that Lorenzo is a Christian either; this is evident as she is even prepared to run away from her father with him ‘If thou keep promise, I shall end this strife Become a Christian and thy loving wife’.
Whereas Antonio and Shylock are completely intolerant to each other and their religions, Antonio says ‘I hate him for he is a Christian’. When usually they are considered as respectable businessmen, because of their hatred for each other they both behave totally irrationally in each other’s presence. To such an extent that a deal is struck between them whereby, Shylock loans Antonio a sum of money under the condition that if he does not repay the bond in three months, Shylock gets a pound of Antonio’s flesh Shylock describes this as ‘merry sport,’ but in doing this they leave behind good sense and judgment. Bassanio realizes this and try’s to prevent it from happening ‘you shall not seal to such a bond for me’ so the younger people in the play are also actually providing the wisdom.

Throughout the play Shakespeare introduces loving relationships between the younger characters.
Bassanio is an ambitious young character in love with Portia ‘In Belmont is a lady richly left and she is fair’. In order to woo her love and impress her; he is determined to put on a great show; although this would seem unnecessary as Portia’s husband is chosen by selecting the correct casket, and she has no influence over who is chosen.  
He begins spending his 300 ducats, borrowed with an interest free loan, from Antonio. To give himself the appearance of being wealthy, Bassanio hires new servants, including Launcelot Gobbo. But by working...


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