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Ww1 Facts

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2)First Known use of chemical weapons (mustard Gas)
3)Was known as the Great war before WW2 happened as it was supposed to be the war to end all wars
4)The Assasination of Archduke Ferdinand has been blamed as the catalyst for WW1
5)The sinking of the Lusitania in 1915 bought the US into the war,Despite the Germans leaving a message in the American papers,America sent one anyway.
6)58000 British soldiers were lost in the first day at the battle of the Somme (A Record)
7)Aviation Technology was vastly better after the war than before due to militarists realisng the potential of Air to Land conflict
8)An Armistice was signed ending the war at 5 AM the conflict ended at 11am on the 11.11.1918
9)Hitler fought in ww1 in the German Army.
10)Hitler wasnt happy about the armistice which left Germany destitute and lead to him gaining power so WW1 leads Into WW2 as nobody managed to learn any lessons from the 6 million deaths involved
One in five of the Australians and New Zealanders who left their country to fight in the first world war never returned, 80,000 in total.
In World War 1 "Coffin Nails" was a term used by British soldiers to describe cigarettes.
US entered the war on April 6, 1917.
The world's worst train accident occured in France, in December 1917 with the deaths of over 600 soldiers.
There were 70,000,000 men and women in uniform of that number one-half were either killed, wounded or became prisoners of war.
Austria-Hungary faced 90% casualties of their total troops mobilised.
Russia faced more casualties than any other nation in WW1, their total casualties were 9,150,000.
Russia mobilised 12 million men during the war; France 8.4 million; Britain 8.9 million; Germany 11 million; Austria-Hungary 7.8 million; Italy 5.6 million; and the USA 4.3 million.
A total of 65,038,810 troops were mobilized during the WW1, out of which 8,538,315 were either killed or they died. 21,219,452 were wounded. 7,750,919 were made...


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