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Global Politics

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What is global world?

Global world is the political interaction among sovereign state as well as non-state actors. The way in which the whole world communicates and interacts with one another due to the facts that the world has changed and became more interlinked and dependent in the past phase due to globalisation and the massive growth of technology which .global world focuses on the complex interplay between existing and emerging political structure .it relate to changes in the world political landscape to economic and cultural changes and assesses the possibilities for genuinely global politics.

The issue in the international community that concern me the most are the overpopulation, environmental deterioration, spread of trade dispute and resource depletion. The overpopulation impact the economy, environmental and political in the global community by the fact that when countries are overpopulated they hardly have enough food to support everyone and have no surplus to sell which forces the government to rely on foreign debt and economically that’s not a good thing and it also means a higher rate of unemployment which result in high rate of crime. Overpopulation in poor country that contributes diseased to rich countries that is with aging and shrinking population. Governing an overpopulated country can result in many problems for the government which could result in civil war .The government also falls into an increasing number of debts.

Resources depletion is when certain natural resources start to get scarcer which a human being has to adapt in those limitation of that resources. One of the causes of resource depletion is found to be the overpopulation and over consumption, that alone is the biggest challenges that is faced by many country .resource depletion can even lead to war from different countries because some people uses resource depletion for their own, benefit but one of the benefit of resource depletion is that it help brings by that the...


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